Three years after the cluster bombs on Nis

Exactly three years after the crushing cluster bomb strike on downtown Nis, this website ran publishing. The initiators will in a short term start to claim damages and compensations for the many civil victims.

Just around mid day on 7, May 1999 the controversial cluster bombs [1] fell down near the market and the hospital. At least fourteen people died immediately. Thirty others were terribly wounded by the fragments which without certain goals flew around in the air.

A Nato spokesman stated that the cluster bombs were aimed at Nis airfield. Amnesty International documented the reality in the report Collateral damage or unlawful killing? Violations of the laws of war by Nato during operation Allied Force.

Cluster bombs are very controversial. Dutch F16 fighters also dropped these weapons of mass destructions from very high levels as was confirmed by the Ministery of Defense in The Hague. Dutch politicians and military, F16 fighters included, will be heard in an examanination in court by lawyer Nico Steijnen.

In March the Campaign against Trade in Arms, in Amsterdam, disclosed that the Dutch bank ABN Amro is the new owner of the British cluster bomb producer Insys.