To be or Nato be

On 24 March, 1999, Nato launched air-strikes against Yugoslavia. With this action, the western alliance breached the ban stemming from the United Nations Charter. For this reason, the aggression was a crime against peace.

During 78 days, most of the (cluster) bombs and cruise missiles used were aimed at civilian targets, which had nothing to do with the territory the UCK wanted to conquer in its guerrilla warfare, bolstered by the West, in Kosovo.

To date lawsuits have been instituted before civil courts to claim damages and smart money in Germany and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, as many as four short-term cases have been brought by the Permanent Commission with regard to (Dutch) War Crimes in Yugoslavia. This committee was founded by Dutch associations of jurists for peace affairs and members of the one-time anti-fascist resistance movement during the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands.

Three years after the war against Yugoslavia, the activities will be pursued under the name of Natosued.org, which also represents a virtual platform for international exchange of information about this kind of lawsuits in several countries. We hope the website will encourage others to follow in our footsteps in a larger number of Nato member states.

In the Netherlands, the relatives of the victims of Nato's strike against the TV building in Belgrade conduct their case before the civil court in The Hague. It is also our goal to claim damages and smart money for the people who perished in a Nato cluster-bomb attack against Nis on May 7, 1999.

Natosued.org finances the proceedings with its own funds. All possible forms of compensation will be paid to the victims. It is our hope that, with this website, we will receive both your moral and financial support.