How to bring to Justice Western War Criminals and other Western Violators of International Humanitarian Law and how to Sue Them for Damages?

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The quest of western anti-fascist and peace movement organizations to end impunity to western aggressors as well as impunity to western war criminals, and to uphold the laws and customs of war and the ban on aggression facing intentional erosion caused by western forces.


For legal action against crimes of aggression, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by western states, for legal action against western war criminals and against violations of international humanitarian law standards by multinational corporations.


Starting from a compilation of relevant international law provisions, in search of the legal foundations for:

  1. Criminal prosecution of western war criminals instigated by non-western victims of western war crimes, as well as prosecution of western perpetrators of aggression and crimes against humanity, before domestic courts in western countries and before the international criminal court (ICC);
  2. Intervention resulting from domestic court decisions according to international and national civil law standards in western countries, initiated by non-western victims and potential victims in case of aggression by western states;
  3. Civil law litigation, inside or outside armed conflict situations, based on tort, by non-western victims of western aggression, western war crimes and crimes against humanity, especially also by victims of complicity in human rights abuses by multinational corporations, before western courts of the western aggressor-states seeking damages.


"When alleged war criminals coming from non-western States are prosecuted, it is called justice. When prosecution of alleged war criminals coming from non-western States only even is attempted, it is called politics and a mockery of justice" and the Victim's Guide to the International Criminal Court (ICC), edited by Reporters Without Borders - Damocles Network states: "The greatest challenge awaiting the ICC will be to prove that it is neither a political organ, nor an instrument of selective justice, nor even the embodiment of some form of judicial neo-imperialism. Even at the risk of dashing the hopes placed in the ICC, the court must not become a system of justice for the powerful that would prosecute only pariah States and the weakest governments."