Pseudo-medical treatment with respect to Mr. S. Milosevic, former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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25 July 2005

re: pseudo-medical treatment with respect to Mr. S. Milosevic, former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Dear Mr. Van Dijkman,

The so-called 'Yugoslavia tribunal' is again about to step up its efforts to silence my client Mr. Milosevic either by seeking to push him to the background in his own defence case which is currently going on. Or to silence him by seriously affecting his healt condition as a result of further deliberately deteriorating the conditions of his defence imposed on him.

Again the 'tribunal' administration invoked your aid in order to achieve that well-considered aim. Again you are requested to allow yourself to be abused by the so-called 'tribunal' in order for the latter to obtain an alibi for infringing the fundamental right of Mr. Miloesevic to defend himself.

As already pointed out in my initial complaint on behalf of mr. Milosevic, filed against you with the Regional Disciplinary Board for Healthcare, by making statements regarding the ability of Mr. Milosevic regarding the ability of mr. Milosevic to defend himself in various modalities of court session load, you make yourself guilty on the pronouncement of a pseudo-medical judgement, and thereby to a medically reprehensible act.

This because, as pointed out by me earlier, any answer to the question of what Mr. Milosevic physically is or is not able to do regarding the trial in progress, depends to a large extent on various other factors. Like, for instance, the time Mr. Milosevic daily needs for the preparation of his case.

So the question is not, like put to you by the so-called 'tribunal', whether or not Mr. Milosevic could physically stand various modalities of more court hours a week, but whether or not it would be acceptable to further severely deteriorate the amount of time left to mr. Milosevic to prepare his defence case.

Doubtless and prima facie these two elements are directly linked: the more time Mr. Milosevic will be supposed to spend a week in court sessions, the more the time will be further decreased needed by him for the daily preparation of his defence case.

And, as a consequence, there is also another direct relationship: the more time Mr. Milosevic, despite all restraints already put upon him, will stick on appropriate defence preparations in a situation of further increase of the weekly court session loadt session load for Mr. Milosevic will be increased, the more he will be forced to choose between his health care and caring about his defence.

It is this evil dilemma the administration of the so-called 'tribunal' is about to force on Mr. Milosevic.

And the so-called 'tribunal', by failing to do so I will take further juridical action against you.

Sincerely yours,

N.M.P. Steijnen